Getting the Best Support for IronOCR

Thank you for taking the time to get IronOCR working properly. We have a team of engineers working to improve IronOCR with regular releases. Updates are often deployed on NuGet every 1 to 2 months.

To help us help you we need to categorize the issue you are having into one of the following types:

Exceptions and Bugs

If you receive a fatal error with IronOCR that stops you using our code, we want to know! The clearer the bug report, the faster it will be resolved. Please report it by following instructions on our Exceptions & Bug Reporting Page to isolate the issue.

Known Deployment Issues

If your solution works locally but fails when deployed to another machine, we would love to improve our support of that platform and appreciate you making a bug report with details of the machine where the issue occurs.

If your issue is in the following list of known issues - a solution may already be available:


Linux, Docker and MacOS

Azure Functions v3 and v4


Our most common questions are about licensing:

If these do not apply or assist in resolving the issue and you would like to request assistance from one of our highly trained engineers, please follow this guide to produce the swiftest resolution.