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In addition to the IronOCR API Library, there is an additional Windows desktop program that can be downloaded called the IronOCR Utility. This application can be used to:

  • Evaluating and testing out IronOCR's functionality before purchase
  • Visualizing your files from IronOCR and finding the right filters or crop area
  • Finding the perfect settings for a read and exporting the C# to your IDE

Demo Installation and Setup

The IronOCR Utility can be installed for free, and used with any valid trial, IronOCR, or Suite license key. If you do not have a license, you may get a free full-functionality trial key [here]() with no credit card or account creation required.

  1. To install our IronOCR Utility, please follow download our ZIP here.
  2. Extract and Unzip the ZIP file and then run setup.exe You should see this: Setup Screen

  3. Next, run IronOcrUtility.application if it doesn't automatically run.
  4. On this application screen, enter your trial or full license key into the window. If you do not have a key, you may get a free full-functionality trial key here with no credit card or account creation required. Enter the information and then click APPLY KEY. Init Screen

  5. You will now be greeted by this default view. To start, drag in an image file or PDF. Or click Browse File in the center of the View Panel. Basic Screen

Once you have evaluated IronOCR with the Utility, it is time to add IronOCR to your library or application

IronOCR Library Installation

While the IronOCR Utility provides a visual interactive way to use IronOCR, the IronOCR package provides even more features and languages and an intuitive API for utilizing the customized and optimized Tesseract 5, known as Iron Tesseract. Add Tesseract to your project by using IronOCR and IronTesseract, and you will be able to convert any file or image with text or scanned documents into text and searchable PDFs.

C# NuGet Library for OCR

Install with NuGet

Install-Package IronOcr

Download DLL

Download DLL

Manually install into your project

Example Usage and Walkthrough

Set a Highlight Type

By default, no highlighting will be added on the View Panel. To enable this, select one of the settings from the Highlight Settings menu. The recommended one to use is Word: Highlight Menu Screen

This will highlight all words that IronOCR can see, and you may even hover over words to see the guessed word, and the confidence. The deepness of red highlighting is relative to how confident it is: Highlight Word Screen

Improve Read by Applying a Filter

Many images contain noise, blurriness, and crookedness. We must filter those out for a proper read. As see in the following image, the text is now straight and must be deskewed to icrease confidence and result quality: Skewed Image

Navigating to the left Filters Panel, we can queue many filters to see them update real-time, as well as dequeue or set their values: Filter Location

Applying a Deskew filter here will update the code in the Output panel on the right, as well as make the result much more accurate: Filter Deskew Applied

Export Results or Add to .NET Project

To get this result in your own project, the COPY button in the Code Panel allows you to export the code that reproduces exactly the same result as you got in the Output Panel. Simple paste the code into your IDE and replace the filepath to your image filepath. Save Code

Very useful for scanned documents, if you want a Searchable PDF that has text overlayed on the original image or PDF, you can export it with the EXPORT AS PDF button: Sace Searchable PDF