OCR in 1 line of code

IronOCR is unique in its ability to automatically detect and read text from imperfectly scanned images and PDF documents. The IronTesseract Class provides the simplest API.

Try Other code samples to gain fine-grained control of your C# OCR operations.

IronOCR provides the most advanced build of Tesseract known anywhere, on any platform. With increased speed, accuracy and a native DLL and API.

Supports Tesseract 3, Tesseract 4 and Tesseract 5 for .NET Framework, Standard, Core, Xamarin and Mono.

How to OCR in VB.NET

  1. Install VB.NET library to do OCR on image or PDF
  2. Instantiate IronTesseract to use intuitive APIs
  3. Utilize Read method to perform OCR in VB.NET
  4. Get OCR result by accessing Text property
  5. Execute 2, 3 and 4 actions in a single line of code