PDF OCR Text Extraction

Iron Tesseract can read many image formats, and also PDF documents. This feature is not possible with conventional free Tesseract engines.

OcrInput offers the option for PDF characteristics to be automatically corrected if scans are bad quality.

Developers may specify to read and entire PDF, a selection of pages or a single crop area.

How to OCR PDF File in C#

  1. Download C# library to OCR PDF file
  2. Use AddPdf method to add PDF document
  3. Add certain pages of PDF document with AddPdfPages method
  4. Utilize Read method to perform OCR on added PDF
  5. Access Text property to retrieve the OCR result


Many OCR tools work fine in optimum conditions, but when you need something that does the job with improved stability and accuracy in any conditions, the IronOCR text extraction solution is what you need.

IronOCR for text extraction is built from the ground up and with the ability to convert real-world images with 99 percent accuracy.

IronTesseract, our native C# OCR library, can recognize characters in almost human fashion from real-world images that are not always good quality and are sometimes skewed.

Our OCR allows PDF or image characteristics to be automatically corrected if scans are of poor quality.&;

As I take you through the best-in-class OCR solution available right now, you will be able to see for yourself.

Why IronOCR for Image or PDF OCR Text Extraction?

Choosing the IronOCR solution for Tesseract management is the obvious choice if we consider its unique abilities, which include the following:

  1. The IronOCR for PDF OCR text extraction engine works straight out-of-the-box in pure .NET
  2. It does not require that Tesseract be installed on your machine.
  3. It works outstandingly well with the latest engines: Tesseract 5 (as well as Tesseract 4 & 3).
  4. It is available for any .NET project: .NET Framework 4.5 +, .NET Standard 2 + and .NET Core 2, 3 & 5!
  5. It has improved accuracy and speed over other open-source Tesseracts.
  6. IronOCR supports Xamarin, Mono, Azure, and Docker development platforms.
  7. You can manage complex Tesseract dictionary systems using NuGet packages.
  8. It can extract text from PDFs, MultiFrame Tiffs, and all major image files without any additional fiddling.
  9. It can correct low-quality and skewed image scans to get the best results from your text extraction project.

Check out our full tutorial on IronOCR solutions here.

Do you have low-quality scans? No problem!

IronOCR stands out at a higher level when it comes to OCR tasks. In reality, many similar products are made to work well with machine-printed, high-resolution, and perfect text or images, and so they become inaccurate or fail in real-world applications. However, this is not the case with IronOCR.

IronOCR shines at correcting imperfect documents. It can straighten a skewed scanned image and enhance low-quality photos so that they become searchable PDF documents or images. This is what makes our product stand out from others.

Tune IronOCR performance to fit your workflow

With the Iron Software OCR solution, you can tune the performance of your text extraction tasks in order to get the right balance for your workflow. We know this is very important to many users and developers, so we have built our OCR solution to be performance-adjustable and flexible. 

For example, one very important factor that influences the speed of an OCR job is the quality of the input image. When less background noise is present and concurrently has a higher dpi ( 200 dpi is a good range), the faster the yield and the more accurate the OCR results. However, with the IronOCR performance tuning feature, even tasks with low-quality images can be completed swiftly. 

Furthermore, choosing input images or scanned text formats with less digital noise, such as PNG or TIFF, can also yield quicker results than lower quality image formats such as JPEG.

Installing the IronOCR solution is a breeze

The Iron Software suite is very easy to install and run. It is available for the most popular development platforms. Our solution has cross-platform support that includes Windows, Linux, macOS, Azure, AWS, and Docker — there is a reason C# makes it the most preferred Tesseract OCR engine amongst developers.

Support for over 125 international languages

For OCR jobs, a particular software becomes more useful when it supports multiple languages. The IronOCR solution makes itself indispensable because it supports 125 international languages. These languages can be installed via language packs distributed as DLLs files. They can be downloaded from this website or the NuGet Package Manager for Visual Studio.

How To Install OCR Language Packs

One hundred and twenty languages are supported. You can download any additional OCR Language packs using two methods:

Install the NuGet package

Search NuGet for IronOCR Languages.

Using the OCR data method

Download the "ocrdata" file and add it to your .NET project or program files.

Set CopyToOutputDirectory = CopyIfNewer
Set CopyToOutputDirectory = CopyIfNewer

Easily create searchable documents from your scanned files or images

One feature we are very proud of is the ability of our Tesseract software to create a searchable PDF document or searchable text from input images or a scanned PDF file. You can export your OCR result as a PDF that will be a searchable PDF document in C# and VB.NET. This can really help businesses and governments with database population, SEO, and PDFs.

Leverage the power of the best OCR Tool

IronOCR is the best-in-class tool for extracting text from images and documents. It comes with a number of features, functionalities, and solutions that give you a breezy and smooth experience when completing OCR tasks.

Our OCR Tesseract C# libraries can help you extract text from images and scanned documents in development environments such as C# and .NET applications.

With IronOCR, you can even open password-protected PDF documents with ease, as well as extract text smoothly.

It also has the following characteristics:

  • Does not require exes or C++ code
  • Complete PDF OCR support
  • MVC, Web App, Desktop, Console, and Server Application compatible
  • Complete .NET Core, Standard, and Framework support
  • Read using C# & VB .NET
  • Reads QR and barcodes
  • Exports OCR to XHTML or a searchable PDF document
  • Supports multithreading
  • Extracts images, coordinates, statistics, fonts, and much more

Take the Bold Step Towards IronOCR

Considering this incredible OCR solution's features, you can't go wrong if you decide to try out IronOCR.

Using our software is just a few clicks away. Start by installing IronOCR — an incredibly easy task. Furthermore, there are incredibly helpful and detailed step-by-step guides on using any of our tools and How-Tos, not to mention our resourceful support center that responds to queries as soon as possible (almost immediately).

Don't hesitate — choose IronOCR today. It is the first and most important step in learning how to read PDF files in C#.

If there is any doubt left in your mind, our free trial license key is perfect for you. It can help you explore the full potential of the latest version of IronOCR with no financial conditions. It can help you decide which software license is the right one for you. If you are not sure, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts, regardless of your location.