OCR Tesseract Image DPI

The OcrInput class will automatically resolve low resolution images for IronTesseract.

Although Tesseract generally requires a 300 DPI input - IronTesseract has been tuned to work with 99+% accuracy on 225 DPI scans. This can double OCR speed.

Too high a DPI is slow. Too low a DPI causes inaccuracies. If in doubt, do nothing and Iron Tesseract will preconfigure everything for you.

How to Improve Low-Quality DPI in Tesseract

  1. Install the OCR library to improve low-quality DPI.
  2. Construct a IronTesseract item.
  3. Create a OcrInput with the path to the image.
  4. Choose a target DPI value.
  5. Invoke the Read method with the OcrInput object.