The C# Web Scraping Library

IronWebScraper makes it easy to find and read content from websites in C#
It makes Web Scraping in C# easy, providing a tool for you to scrape the content of websites.

C# WebScraper

Web Scraping in C# or .Net

IronWebScraper is an advanced web scraping library written in C#. It uses web scraping algorithms to read structured content from websites. This is ideal for scraping content from multiple existing websites or intranet applications to build the content for your web application or archive. IronWebScraper can provide the tool you need to index your content for use by your search application or cataloging system. IronWebScraper uses C# to provide a reliable, enterprise class web scrpaer in an easy to use DLL library.

The IronWebScraper API is easy to use. Most C# developers will be up and running in no time using the Nuget installer for Visual Studio.     Install Now »

C# Website Migration

Migrating Websites to Databases

IronWebScraper provides the tools and methods to allow you to re-engineer your websites back into structured databases.   This technology is useful when migrating content from legacy websites and intranets into your new C# application.

C# Web Scraping

IronWebScraper is an ideal tool to scrape content for your search index.   A search application such as IronSearch can read structured content from IronWebScraper to build a powerful enterprise search system.

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How To Install the IronWebScraper C# Web Scraping Library into Visual Studio

Install IronWebScraper into your .Net Project

The easiest way to install IronWebScraper is using NuGet Package Manager for Visual-Studio:

  1. The package name is "IronWebScraper"
  2. If NuGet is unfamiliar to you… read this tutorial
  3. If you would prefer to download IronWebScraper as a dll and install manually.
C# WebScraper Example Code Demo

Get Scraping

IronWebScraper has a very simple API:

using IronWebScraper;

namespace WebScrapingProject
    class MainClass
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            var scraper = new BlogScraper();

    class BlogScraper : WebScraper
        public override void Init()
            this.LoggingLevel = WebScraper.LogLevel.All;
            this.Request("", Parse);

        public override void Parse(Response response)
            foreach (var title_link in response.Css("h2.entry-title a"))
                string strTitle = title_link.TextContentClean;
                Scrape(new ScrapedData() { { "Title", strTitle } });

            if (response.CssExists("div.prev-post > a[href]"))
                var next_page = response.Css("div.prev-post > a[href]")[0].Attributes["href"];
                this.Request(next_page, Parse);

Imports IronWebScraper

Namespace WebScrapingProject
    Class MainClass
        Public Shared Sub Main(args As String())
            Dim scraper = New BlogScraper()
        End Sub
    End Class

    Class BlogScraper
        Inherits WebScraper
        Public Overrides Sub Init()
            Me.LoggingLevel = WebScraper.LogLevel.All
            Me.Request("", AddressOf Parse)
        End Sub

        Public Overrides Sub Parse(response As Response)
            For Each title_link As var In response.Css("h2.entry-title a")
                Dim strTitle As String = title_link.TextContentClean
                Scrape(New ScrapedData() From { _
                    {"Title", strTitle} _

            If response.CssExists("div.prev-post > a[href]") Then
                Dim next_page = response.Css("div.prev-post > a[href]")(0).Attributes("href")
                Me.Request(next_page, AddressOf Parse)
            End If
        End Sub
    End Class
End Namespace

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