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C# PDF Library - IronPDF


  • Create, read, and edit PDFs
  • HTML to PDF for .NET
C# OCR Library - IronOCR


  • Image to text in 127 languages
  • OCR for .NET
C# IronXL Library - IronXL


  • No Office Interop required
  • Excel for .NET
C# Zip Archive Library - IronZip


  • Zip and unzip archives
  • One more
C# QR Code Library - IronQR


  • Read and write QR codes
    with ML detection
C# Barcode Library - IronBarcode


  • Read and write
  • QR & Barcode for .NET
C# IronWebScraper Library - IronWebScraper


  • Extract data
  • Content scraper for .NET

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The C# PDF Library

  • C# HTML to PDF Library for .NET Core, Standard, and Framework
  • Generate PDFs from HTML, MVC, ASPX, images, and more
  • 50+ features to read and edit PDFs
View IronPDF for .NET
View IronPDF for JavaView IronPDF for PythonView IronPDF for Node.js
The C# PDF Library
The C# OCR Library

The C# OCR Library

  • Read text & barcodes from images. OCR PDFs in .NET
  • OCR Supports multiple international languages
  • Output as plain text string or structured data
View IronOCR for .NET

The C# Excel Library

  • Intuitive C# & VB.NET Excel API
  • No need to install MS Office or Excel Interop
  • Read, edit & create Excel spreadsheet files
  • Fully supports .NET Core, Framework, and Azure
  • You can download the software product from this link.
View IronXL for .NET
The C# Excel Library
The C# ZIP Archive Library

The C# ZIP Archive Library

  • Intuitive C# & VB.NET Archive API
  • Support ZIP, TAR, GZIP, and BZIP2
  • Create, extract & read archive files
  • Fully supports .NET Core, Framework, and Azure
View IronZip for .NET

The C# QR Code Library

  • Generate, Read, & Style QR Codes on Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud
  • Custom Machine Learning Model reads any QR Code
  • Fully supports .NET 7, 6, Core, Standard, Framework
View IronQR for .NET
The C# QR Code Library
The C# Barcode Library

The C# Barcode Library

  • Generate QR & Barcodes in C# & VB .NET Applications
  • Read Barcodes & QR Codes from Scanned Images
  • Supports .NET 7, 6, 5, Core, Standard, Framework
View IronBarcode for .NET

The C# WebScraping Library

  • C# framework for extracting clean, structured data from html web applications
  • Useful for system migrations, populating search engines, competitive analysis and data mining
View IronWebScraper for .NET
The C# WebScraping Library

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Save 70% on All 7 .NET products with the Iron Suite