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Updated March 3, 2024


Our Property Bear, specializing in energy management solutions for the hospitality and Education sectors, is based in the United Kingdom. Founded by Jamie Greig, the company's mission is to reduce carbon emissions and costs in the energy-intensive hospitality sector. After encountering challenges in understanding and managing energy consumption, Our Property Bear sought a solution to make energy data visible and actionable.

Pain Points

The hospitality industry, known for its energy-intensive operations, presents unique challenges in understanding and managing energy consumption due to its inherent complexity. Our Property Bear recognized this challenge and addressed it by employing submeters. Their goal is to make energy consumption visible, as it is often invisible and difficult for businesses to comprehend. They aim to help businesses understand and engage with their energy usage effectively. They also needed to create transparent reports that could communicate actionable insights in a timely manner: Enter IronPDF.

Why Our Property Bear Chose Iron Software

Our Property Bear chose IronPDF for several key reasons. Firstly, IronPDF enables them to efficiently gather and present large volumes of data in a concise and easily digestible format, typically spanning just two pages. These reports provide actionable insights, giving stakeholders directions about how they can reduce energy. Our Property Bear firmly believes that better information leads to better decision-making and ultimately lower energy bills for their clients. Additionally, IronPDF ensures that the rendered reports are accurate and clear, meeting their high standards for quality. They appreciate the ability to incorporate their branding into the reports, creating an attractive presentation for their clients. Security is also a top priority for Our Property Bear, and they trust IronPDF to deliver reports without any issues or vulnerabilities. Lastly, Iron Software's reliable support ensures that any issues or changes can be swiftly addressed, allowing Our Property Bear to stay up and running without any disruptions.

How Iron Software Solves this problem

IronPDF creates HTML to PDF reports in real-time. This accuracy and timely information, facilitating easy sharing of information with on-site teams without requiring logins. The reports generated by IronPDF are crucial as they provide the most relevant information to owners, the finance team, operations, managers, and kitchen and front-of-house staff. These reports helped everyone make changes that benefited the environment, making communication and staff engagement key. With tasks included in the reports, everyone could take tangible steps to reduce energy use.

The Results

The implementation of IronPDF resulted in significant improvements for Our Property Bear:

  • Visibility and understanding of energy data
  • Empowered decision-making and lower energy bills
  • Accurate rendering and attractive branded reports for clients
  • Security and timely support aligned with Our Property Bear's needs
  • Task-oriented reports fostering staff engagement and commitment

It's really important for Our Property Bear to work with other suppliers that support the organization’s values. Hearing that the Iron Software supports Team Seas, an initiative focused on cleaning up the oceans. This aligns perfectly with their commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

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