Independent Procurement Alliance Program

Updated March 19, 2024

Client Overview

Before IronOCR, we were manually entering orders. "Now we’re saving $45,000 annually," remarks Tony Feder, VP of Shared Services at Independent Procurement Alliance Program, highlighting the transformative impact of IronOCR on their operations.

IPAP, Independent Procurement Alliance Program, stands as the largest refrigerated redistribution company in the United States, boasting a robust network of over 50 dairy suppliers. With a track record of selling over one billion pounds of cheese, IPAP is widely recognized as industry experts, ensuring the distributors have access to the specific products they need. Through consolidated operations and lower costs, distributors who source dairy products from IPAP benefit from streamlined processes, reduced costs, and improved service levels, resulting in higher quality dairy products for consumers.

Additionally, IPAP negotiates the lowest pricing available for its vast distributor base, ensuring distributors receive better pricing than if dealing directly with dairy suppliers, making IPAP a trusted partner in optimizing supply chain efficiencies in the food industry. As VP of Shared Services, Tony Feder oversees finance and IT departments, driving the company's commitment to innovation and cost savings.

Pain Points

IPAP has to process a high number of orders within a short time frame. With over two hundred members relying on iPAP Cheese for order consolidation, manual entry of purchase orders was time-consuming and prone to errors.Tony Feder explains that each order received via email required meticulous data entry, including PO numbers, ship dates, item numbers, and quantities.”This process was labor-intensive and hindered operational efficiency. Before using IronOCR, we had to manually enter orders, which was time-consuming," he adds.

Why IPAP Chose IronOCR

Seeking to streamline order processing, IPAP Cheese turned to IronOCR for its ability to read the orders electronically and import the order details directly into their system. IronOCR's efficiency in extracting order details promised significant time savings and error reduction. Additionally, IronOCR's reputation for accuracy and reliable support influenced iPAP Cheese's decision to adopt the software.

How IronOCR Solves

IronOCR revolutionized order processing at iPAP Cheese by automating the extraction of order details from PDF documents. The software's advanced OCR capabilities enable rapid conversion of multi-page orders, reducing processing time from twenty minutes to mere seconds. This efficiency not only improves order accuracy but also enhances overall operational productivity.

The Results

The implementation of IronOCR yielded tangible benefits for iPAP Cheese:

  • Drastic reduction in order entry time, saving up to $45,000 annually
  • Improved accuracy and reliability in order processing, minimizing data entry errors
  • Increased efficiency, allowing staff to focus on important tasks
  • Easy integration with existing systems, ensuring smooth workflows

IronOCR's cost-effective solution has proven invaluable to iPAP Cheese, empowering them to optimize supply chain operations and drive business growth.

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