Change log: Updates, milestones, roadmap

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IronQR Roadmap

IronQR originated from our customer requests. Its origin story was a direct result of developer’s pain points, with our team doing a deep dive into community forums and finding a repeated demand for a more effective solution.

We listened to our community and created a product to give them a better solution than the market was offering.

Today we continually drive IronQR’s performance by applying the latest technology to improve image filters, computer vision and machine learning. IronQR is now used in 96 countries, and we’d like to see its application grow, as it continues to improve.

More use cases will be covered to improve reading from live streams and barcode readers. Longer term our plan is to launch IronQR for multiple programming languages.

December 2023

IronQR v2023.12.1

Nov 28 2023
Version 2023.12.1

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Updates to IronSoftware.System.Drawing v2023.12.1

November 2023

IronQR v2023.11.1

Nov 1 2023
Version 2023.11.1

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Enhanced QR code detection using Machine Learning
  • Write QR Codes
  • Read (Decode) QR Codes