Engineering Request​ - IronQR

Send a code snippet/console application and any relevant files to our support team.

Also, if you can provide any additional information about your application, and system/environment details, this would be most appreciated.

  1. IronQR library version
  2. OS + version
  3. Core/Framework/Standard + version
  4. Environment: On-premises, VM, Docker or other container, load-balancing systems
  5. Application/Project Type: (Azure WebApp/WebJob/Function, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET WebForms, Windows application, WPF, WebAPI (Core/Framework), IIS + version, etc.
  6. Input parameters (Image/PDF)
  7. Exception message Text (Exception + Inner Exception)
  8. Which debugging point does the process stop working or escape in the code?

This way our engineers will be best able to replicate the intended environment and advise further.