SanSaTek Testimonial

Updated December 5, 2022

IronOCR is one of the most in-demand products we offer in the financial sector. IronOCR gives banks and financial institutions a way to manage potentially sensitive data on-site, while maintaining the security and privacy of their customers.

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Key benefits

All of Sangkar Sari Teknologi’s clients who moved to IronOCR experienced significant improvement in efficiency and stability. IronOCR uses custom multithreading to make it significantly faster than other products, including Tesseract.

They generated three times less support tickets, because the image filters allow automatic adjustment of badly scanned input documents; and the setup could perform (without crashing) under a massive task load. The new configuration met their security requirements without any need to send documents offsite.

Customers surveyed were more satisfied with the new configuration, improving their overall monthly customer satisfaction score (CSAT) ranking up by 25%.


“Ultimately, when looking at the rest of the market, IronOCR was a more powerful solution because it had the highest throughput.”, said Eky Purnomo, Technology Lead.

The Solution

When choosing IronOCR, the team had a set of criteria. Firstly it had to integrate with the existing setup/ Secondly, it needed to function effectively. Thirdly, licensing was also a consideration.

“In this case, we needed a product that was compatible with the application I had built, using .NET Core 2. It had to be able to read PDF files from a scanner machine with high accuracy. We wanted a solution that gave us results, quickly,” continued Eky Purnomo.

IronOCR ticked criteria one and two, but how did its cost compare with competitors?

“IronOCR was actually cheaper,” says Eky Purnomo, when taking into account the more favorable licensing structure.

About SanSaTek

Sangkar Sari Teknologi is an international consultancy who are based in both Holland and Indonesia.

They exist to give their clients the most innovative and seamless technology solutions.

They are credited with accelerating their client’s growth with improved efficiencies and cost-savings technology solutions.


Sangkar Sari Teknologi needed a reliable solution to help their clients turn PDFs into meaningful enterprise text and data.

They wanted this solution to perform tasks like producing searchable PDFs. They wanted it to be within budget, and work effectively with their existing setup. A secondary consideration was that the cost and licensing had to be effective for their budget.

Technical Challenge

They needed a solution that would help multiple clients complete a varied list of tasks. This included digitalizing paper documents in .NET and turning PDFs into meaning enterprise text and data.

They needed to be able to turn scanned documents into searchable PDFs. This solution needed to perform efficiently under a massive load.

It had to work with the latest .NET core design standards (LINUX and Windows compatibility).

Their Clients

SanSaTek clients include 120+ financial institutes and banks



Competitive products tested were not all compatible with their customized setup.


Speed, security and performance were ranked in the product trials and their developer team found issues and vulnerabilities with each. A key example of an issue they shared was that they had to be able to read poorly scanned documents.


With clients in the banking sector, they needed to provide a solution that was secure and reliable, where they did not have to send any potentially sensitive documents offsite.


Some competitive products looked more affordable but their metered pricing made them more restrictive.

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