IronOCR Runtimes Folder

Common exceptions seen when encountering this issue are:

  • Error while deploying Tesseract for IronOcr
  • Unable to locate 'libtesseract-5'
  • Failed to locate 'libtesseract-5'
  • Failed to locate Tesseract-5
  • Error while locating deployment configuration file at \bin\runtimes\win-x64\native\IronOcr.Native.deployment.json

Starting in version 2022.8.7804, IronOCR packs Tesseract instead of installing it separately as a dependency.


  1. Deploy using the Publishing Wizard from within Visual Studio and select Portable as the target runtime (this will automatically include the runtimes folder)
  2. If unable to use Visual Studio to manage your deployment, manually copy the runtimes folders from a development machine into the bin folder in your production machine
  3. Try the Windows Installer

If you are seeing this issue running Azure on local, this is because the Azure Storage Emulator (Azurite) creates an additional bin folder. Please see the following article for a more detailed explanation, and work-around: