Reduce file size of output PDF in IronOcr

How do I reduce the file size of the output PDF in IronOcr?

Input.TargetDPI defines the DPI that a PDF is rendered at. (The default value is 225 DPI).

To reduce file size, you can set a lower DPI, as follow. This will create smaller PDFs, but going too low will affect OCR performance.  
Everything in balance:

// how to reduce and usage by by reducing DPI
//Example 1
using IronOcr;
var Ocr = new IronTesseract();
using (var Input = new OcrInput())
    Input.MinimumDPI = 150;   // default is 225
    Input.TargetDPI = 150;    // default is 250
    Input.AddPdf("example.pdf", "password");
    var Result = Ocr.Read(Input);

//Example 2
var ocr = new IronTesseract();
using (var ocrInput = new OcrInput())
ocrInput.AddPdf("img/Input.pdf", 72); //DPI
var ocrResult = ocr.Read(ocrInput);

See the API for more information: