7 Segment Digital/LCD Displays

Can IronOcr read 7-segment digital displays?

Seven-Segment digital display text have multiple breaks in each character, which is the opposite of what standard OCR programs are looking for - this is called the character separability principle.

Some image pre-processing would be necessary to blur the characters, removing the breaks.

For deeper processing to achieve reliable OCR results, we recommend ImageMagick for .NET as a free and very well documented tool with filters comparable to Photoshop


IronOCR can also use custom language packs, so they can try the LetsGoDigital Tesseract language pack: https://github.com/adrianlazaro8/Tesseract_sevenSegmentsLetsGoDigital

For more information on adding a custom language pack in IronOCR - https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/ocr/languages/#custom-language-example