Edit Excel Metadata in C#

The code example above shows how meta-data of Excel file can be set, modified, and retrieve using IronXL C# library. To add custom author name to spreadsheet file assign the name to Author property. For example, workBook.Metadata.Author = "Your Name". The meta-data properties available in Metadata property of WorkBook can be accessed and retrieved.

The properties below are available:

  • Set, modified, and retrieve granular meta-data such as:
    • Author
    • Comments
    • LastPrinted
    • Keywords and Category
    • Created and ModifiedDate
    • Subject and Title
  • Retrieve granular meta-data such as:
    • ApplicationName
    • CustomProperties
    • Company
    • Manager
    • Template

Navigate to the "Edit Workbook Metadata" How-To article for more information and demonstrations.