Edit Excel Metadata in C#

The code example above shows how meta-data of Excel file can be set, modified, and retrieve using IronXL C# library. To add custom author name to spreadsheet file assign the name to Author property. For example, workBook.Metadata.Author = "Your Name". The meta-data properties available in Metadata property of WorkBook can be accessed and retrieved.

The properties below are available:

  • Set, modified, and retrieve granular meta-data such as:
    • Author
    • Comments
    • LastPrinted
    • Keywords and Category
    • Created and ModifiedDate
    • Subject and Title
  • Retrieve granular meta-data such as:
    • ApplicationName
    • CustomProperties
    • Company
    • Manager
    • Template

How to Edit Excel Metadata in C#

  1. Download a C# library to edit Excel metadata
  2. Load an existing spreadsheet or create a new one
  3. Access the Metadata property of the opened workbook
  4. Set or retrieve the required metadata property
  5. Use the SaveAs method to export the edited workbook

Navigate to the "Edit Workbook Metadata" How-To article for more information and demonstrations.