Export Excel to CSV, XML, HTML, XLSX

The IronXL library can be used to create Excel documents from XLS and XLSX formats. Using IronXL intuitive APIs to populate your workbook and save it with SaveAs method as XLS, XLSX, XLSM, CSV, TSV, JSON, XML or HTML. Exporting as in code data types such as HTML string, Binary, Byte array, Data set, and Memory stream is also possible with IronXL.

Although SaveAs can be used to export CSV, JSON, XML and HTML. Exclusive methods for each of these file format is recommended:

  • SaveAsCsv
  • SaveAsJson
  • SaveAsXml
  • ExportToHtml

Please note that for CSV, TSV, JSON, and XML file format, each file will be created corresponding to each sheet. The naming convention would be fileName.sheetName.format. In the example above the output for CSV format would be sample.new_sheet.csv