Support & Product Update Extensions

for Current IronXL License Holders

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Want to extend support & product update coverage for an existing license?

Valid coverage provides access to product updates, security feature upgrades, and support from our engineering team. Purchase a 5 Year Package and Save Over 75% (vs. 1 Year Only).

Ongoing Support
& Product Updates

Price per year

  • Lite $374 USD Buy
  • Plus $749 USD Buy
  • Professional $1,499 USD Buy

1 Year Only

One-time purchase

  • Lite $499 USD Buy
  • Plus $999 USD Buy
  • Professional $1,999 USD Buy

5 Year Package

One-time purchase

  • Lite $749 USD Buy
  • Plus $1,499 USD Buy
  • Professional $2,999 USD Buy

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Legacy license holders, please note that the extensions above reflect our current license structure.
Contact us to request information on the correct extension for your legacy license.

Please Note: Upgrade prices are based on the difference between your existing license and the new upgrade level + $100 USD upgrade fee. If you purchase the incorrect extension for your existing license coverage, we may need to request a change to your order.

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Licensing FAQs


    What is included in license coverage?

    • Perpetual Licensing: Every team license is a one-time purchase with no renewal fees.
    • Free Support & Product Updates: Every team license includes one free year of product updates & technical support services directly from the team that built the product.
      Extensions can be purchased at any time.
    • Immediate Licenses: The number of singular license key use cases. Redistributable projects require additional SaaS & OEM coverage.

    What do "developers" mean?

    • Developers is the count of INDIVIDUALS or DEVELOPMENT MACHINES that will use, compile, or run, any Iron Product code with a debugger attached over a rolling 30-day window. This only applies to development meaning staging, production servers or end-user targets do not count. An employee that has two machines (eg. one at home and one at the office) will count as two developers.

      Common Questions

      • Are contract developers counted? Yes
      • Are work-from-home developers counted? Yes
      • Is an employee that has two machines (eg. one at home and one at the office) counted as two developers? Yes
      • Are development build machines counted? Yes
      • Are backup servers counted? Do disaster recovery servers count?
      • Do test servers count? No
      • Do load-balancing servers count? No
      • Do QA servers count? No
      • Do production servers count? No
      • What if a developer leaves, and a new developer joins the project? Contact to notify us of the change.

    What do "projects" mean?

    • Projects are the total historical count of Projects produced using a single Iron Product license key.
      • 1 Project = Each Visual Studio, JetBrains Rider, or other IDE project
      • 1 Project = Each live production server (development and staging servers not counted)
      • 1 Project = Each website, domain or subdomain
      • 1 Project = Each microservice (including Azure and Lambda functions)

      Common Questions

      • Are test projects counted? Yes, when using a Production key. For POC/test projects, we recommend using Trial keys.
      • How do I remove a test project from the count? Contact

    What do "locations" mean?

    • Locations are the cities where your projects are being developed. Adding Royalty-free Redistribution converage unlocks Unlimited Licensing.

      Common Questions

      • Does a developer working from multiple cities count as multiple locations? Yes
      • How does licensing impact Distributed development teams working from multiple locations? Each developer’s unique location (by city) counts as one location. Multiple location options include: (a) Professional with required number of locations; (b) Unlimited with Enterprise or Monthly license types; (c) >Add Royalty-free Redistribution to unlock Unlimited locations

    When is redistribution coverage required?

    • Royalty-free Redistribution is required where an Iron product is inside a product you distribute or sell (software package, app, executable, etc.)
    • SaaS or subscription services require Royalty-free Redistribution coverage.
    • Royalty-free Redistribution also extends location coverage to unlimited locations.
    • Learn more:

    Can I try the product before purchasing a license?

    • All products can be evaluated and used for free with a trial key for development & testing within an IDE.
    • All trial keys unlock full functionality for up to 30 days allowing you to test the full capabilities of the product in development and production.

    Can I get support during the trial period?

    • Yes! Receive full support while on a trial - it's something we do that our competitors don't. You can also review our Support Policy.

    How will I receive my license key?

    How to add the license key to my project?

    Can I talk to the sales team about the best license choice for my needs?

    • Schedule a Call: You can schedule a time to speak with one of our sales representatives. Please be sure to leave an email address to enable our support team to reply to your request. You can also call 24/7 to leave a message at +1 (312) 500-3060.
    • Live Chat: You can chat online with a representative as well. The team covers global time zones, available 24 hours, Monday to Friday. If we’re not online, please send us a message and your ticket will be answered via email.

What payment methods are available?

Who do Iron Software use to process online orders?

Can I get a quote, purchase order, or invoice?

How can I remove tax from my order?

Does Iron Software offer a money-back guarantee?

  • All licenses are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can I get a discount if I buy multiple product licenses?

  • Get 9 for the Price of 2: We are proud to offer the Iron Suite, all 9 Iron Software products for the price of 2. Save 75% with the complete .NET suite for your office.

Can I purchase a license through my preferred reseller?

  • Purchase from a Reseller: Iron teams up with reseller partners all over the globe. If you wish to work with your preferred reseller, please contact us, and we'll be happy to support you. For a list of our current resellers, please see here.
  • Are you a Reseller?: Please get in touch to partner with Iron Software.

    What are my Support & Product Update options?

    • Technical Support & Product Updates: One year of Product Support & Updates is automatically included with all new license purchases. After that, it automatically renews yearly. Alternatively you can purchase a 5-year Support & Updates option which is a one-time, non-renewing purchase. You can always extend it later, when needed.
    • Support & Product Update Extensions: You can extend your license’s Support & Product Updates coverage at any time. Extend to uninterrupted coverage to access essential product updates, security feature updates, and support from our engineering team.

    What is the difference between a license upgrade and a Product Support & Updates Renewal?

    • Product Support & Update Renewal: Extends coverage for your existing license.
    • License Level Upgrade: Upgrade to increase the number of developers, locations and projects you are covered for. Your Product Support & Updates coverage will be extended for free from the date of purchase.
    • Suite Upgrade: Upgrade to an Iron Suite to unlock all 9 products. Your Product Support & Updates coverage will be extended for free from the date of purchase.
    • Royalty-free Redistribution Add-On: Required for distributed software and SaaS services.

    Can I extend my Support & Product Updates coverage?

    Can I join the mailing list to be notified about product updates?

    How can I manage my Support & Product Updates subscription?

    Can I upgrade my license level?

    • License Upgrades: Whether your team has grown or your project needs have changed, you can upgrade your license at any time. Upgrade after purchase and pay only the difference in license price + $100 USD upgrade fee. Your Support & Product Updates coverage will be extended from the date of purchase. Contact us to upgrade.
    • Add Royalty-free Redistribution Coverage: You can add Royalty-Free Redistribution to existing licenses. Coverage is required for packaged software products, SaaS, and OEM.

    Can I upgrade my existing license to an Iron Suite license?