Load Excel Files without Interop

IronXL is an Excel Library for C# and .NET which allows developers to load/read Excel data from XLSX, XLS, XLSM, XLTX, CSV and TSV Documents without using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel. Although all the available file format can be read with Load method, LoadCSV method is recommended to use for CSV file format.

Selecting Worksheet

WorkSheet represents one page or tab within the WorkBook. Each WorkSheet can be selected to read and manipulate.

  • By worksheet's index position in worksheet collection: workBook.WorkSheets [0]
  • By worksheet's name as parameter in GetWorkSheet method: workBook.GetWorkSheet("workSheet")
  • By DefaultWorkSheet property from workbook: workBook.DefaultWorkSheet
  • Please note that this option will get the first worksheet in the workbook. If there were no worksheets, it will create and return a new worksheet with the name "Sheet1".

Furthermore, each individual Range, Row, and Column can be selected from WorkSheet to access/modify Cell's data and apply formula.

Navigate to Select Excel Range to know more about selecting Range, Row, and Column.