Auto Adjust Rows & Columns Size

Resizing rows and columns in spreadsheet can save a lot of space and making it more readable. IronXL C# library have the functionality to auto resize rows and columns. Since it is done in C#, the resize methods can be called upon all the existing rows and columns. Hence, automating the manual task in spreadsheet.

Auto Resize Rows

The AutoSizeRow method automatically resize the height of specified row based on its value length. Another overload of AutoSizeRow takes the second parameter as Boolean value. If true, the height of merged cells will be considered.

Auto Resize Columns

Use AutoSizeColumn method resize the width of column(s) based on its value length. Similar to AutoSizeRow, it is also possible to make the resizing of column consider the width of merged cell.

Please note that all the row and column position mentioned above follows zero-based indexing.