Excel Formulas in C#

Use IronXL to set formulas, evaluate and retrieve calculated output values without Office Interop. IronXL supported over 150+ formulas and increasing with each new implementation. Formula can be set with

Range.Formula property. For example,

workSheet ["A2"].Formula = "=SQRT(A1)"
workSheet ["B8"].Formula = "=C9/C11"
workSheet ["G31"].Formula = "=TAN(G30)"
workSheet ["A2"].Formula = "=SQRT(A1)"
workSheet ["B8"].Formula = "=C9/C11"
workSheet ["G31"].Formula = "=TAN(G30)"
'INSTANT VB TODO TASK: The following line uses invalid syntax:
'workSheet ["A2"].Formula = "=SQRT(A1)" workSheet ["B8"].Formula = "=C9/C11" workSheet ["G31"].Formula = "=TAN(G30)"
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A formula is an expression which calculates the value of a cell. Functions are predefined formulas and are already available in Excel.

IronXL is fairly unique in .NET Excel libraries in that it supports a wide range of Excel formulas and can calculate formula values in real time.

How to Use Excel Formulas in C#

  1. Install an Excel library to use Excel formula.
  2. Load the Excel document and select the default Worksheet
  3. Set formulas and values to desired spreadsheet cells.
  4. Use EvaluateAll to calculate the applied formulas.
  5. Save the Workbook object to an Excel file