IronXL Features for C# .NET

IronXL is a .NET library providing developers with a fast and intuitive way to work with Excel and other spreadsheet files in C#.

There is no use of Office Interop and IronXL works on .NET Core and Azure with no special dependencies or need to install MS Office.

IronXL is a leading .NET Core and .NET Framework Excel spreadsheet library for C# and VB.NET.


.NET Languages


  • C#
  • VB.NET (Tutorial)
  • F#


  • .NET 5 and 6,
  • .NET Core 2 and 3
  • .NET Standard 2
  • .NET Framework 4x

App Types

  • Console, Web, & Desktop

Operating Systems


  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Jetbrains ReSharper & Rider


  • Microsoft Authenticode
  • DigiCert Trusted G4 Code Signing RSA4096 SHA384 2021 CA1


Create or Load Spreadsheets

Create Code Example   Load Code Example

Save or Export Formats

Code Example

  • XLS
  • CSV
  • TSV
  • JSON
  • HTML
  • Binary
  • Byte Array

System.Data Objects

Code Example

  • Import and export as DataSet or DataTable

Edit Workbooks


Edit Formulas

  • Works with Excel formulas
  • Recalculation on sheet edit

Sort Data

API Reference

  • Range
  • Column
  • Row

Create and Edit Charts

  • Area, Bar, Column, Lines, Pie, Scatter

Edit Layout

Edit Worksheets

Cell Ranges

Cell Range Functions

Style Cells:

API Reference

  • Font and Size
  • Border and Alignment
  • Background pattern
  • Conditional Formatting

Maths Functions:

Set Cell Data Formats:

API Reference

  • Text, Number, Formula, Date, Currency, Scientific, Time, Boolean, Custom Formats