How to Edit Workbook Metadata

by Chaknith Bin

Metadata for an Excel spreadsheet includes information about the title, author, subject, keywords, creation date, modification date, and other relevant details. Metadata provides context and helps in organizing and categorizing spreadsheets. It simplifies file search and management, especially when working with multiple spreadsheet files.

The IronXL library offers the capability to edit workbook metadata without the need for Office Interop.

C# NuGet Library for Excel

Install with NuGet

Install-Package IronXL.Excel
C# Excel DLL

Download DLL

Download DLL

Manually install into your project

Edit Workbook Metadata Example

To edit the author name of a spreadsheet file, set the Author property with the desired string of data. For example, workBook.Metadata.Author = "Your Name". The metadata information available in the Metadata property of WorkBook class can be accessed and retrieved.

using IronXL;
using System;

WorkBook workBook = WorkBook.Load("sample.xlsx");

// Set author
workBook.Metadata.Author = "Your Name";
// Set comments
workBook.Metadata.Comments = "Monthly report";
// Set title
workBook.Metadata.Title = "July";
// Set keywords
workBook.Metadata.Keywords = "Report";

// Read the creation date of the excel file
DateTime? creationDate = workBook.Metadata.Created;

// Read the last printed date of the excel file
DateTime? printDate = workBook.Metadata.LastPrinted;

Imports IronXL
Imports System

Private workBook As WorkBook = WorkBook.Load("sample.xlsx")

' Set author
workBook.Metadata.Author = "Your Name"
' Set comments
workBook.Metadata.Comments = "Monthly report"
' Set title
workBook.Metadata.Title = "July"
' Set keywords
workBook.Metadata.Keywords = "Report"

' Read the creation date of the excel file
Dim creationDate? As DateTime = workBook.Metadata.Created

' Read the last printed date of the excel file
Dim printDate? As DateTime = workBook.Metadata.LastPrinted

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Accessible Metadata Fields

Not all metadata properties can be edited or changed. Some properties can only be retrieved. Below is a list of the available properties:

Set, Modify, and Retrieve

  • Author
  • Comments
  • LastPrinted
  • Keywords and Category
  • Created and ModifiedDate
  • Subject and Title

Retrieve Only

  • ApplicationName
  • CustomProperties
  • Company
  • Manager
  • Template

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