Origin story: Milestones, product updates

IronXL has come a long way since its inception, with over 500,000 NuGet installs as of our latest release in September 2023 (version 2023.9.29). Just like IronPDF, our journey began with a vision to excel in the .NET Excel document library market.

How we make decisions: You drive Iron Software's roadmap

Our decision-making process revolves around community-driven development. At the core of our product development strategy lies a deep commitment to actively engage with and respond to our user community.

IronXL was first introduced in 2019, but it’s come a long way. Here we spotlight achievements starting from 2023 onward. In this overview, we showcase only a curated selection of updates that stand out as product milestones, exemplifying substantial investments made to enhance IronXL's performance. For a comprehensive list of changes, please refer to our detailed change log available on this page.

Huge Performance and Memory Increases

  • Updated: IronXL Performance Improvements
  • Key Benefit: Operational speed improvements, enabling new efficiency
  • Secondary benefits: Improvements in memory allocation
  • Date shipped: September 2023

IronXL has made significant performance and memory improvements compared to last year and month, making it a leading .NET Excel document library.

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IronXL Milestones: Performance Improvements