Create a new Excel File

The IronXL library can be used to create Excel documents from XLS and XLSX formats. Using IronXL intuitive APIs to edit and populate your workbook. Accessing Cell's value with Value property. Cell's style can also be changed using IronXL.

The Style properties below can all be configured:

  • DiagonalBorder
  • Indention
  • Rotation
  • FillPattern
  • VerticalAlignment
  • HorizontalAlignment
  • DiagonalBorderDirection
  • WrapText
  • ShrinkToFit
  • TopBorder
  • RightBorder
  • LeftBorder
  • BackgroundColorFont
  • BottomBorder
  • SetBackgroundColor

Please note that for CSV, TSV, JSON, and XML file format each file will be created corresponding to each sheet. The naming convention would be fileName.sheetName.format. In the example above the output for CSV format would be sample.new_sheet.csv