Software Credit & Contributerss

IronOCR Software Credits

Beyond our own team team there are many to thank for the success of this .Net package.

Our first tribute is to Nuget.Org for providing a package manager for C# / .Net developers which was sorely needed. We salute you. We also wish to give great thanks to everyone involved in the .Net Core project. Crossing the platform barrier makes our lives as developers and sysadmins easier as we can finally code once and deploy anywhere.

Another warm hand to the Visual Studio IDE development team. We respect this not only as the Best IDE ever created ( Borland Delphi 7 at any rate :-p) , but the huge generosity in offering free community licenses - making C# a new starboard in academic software engineering. The Mac aficionados and Nix nerds on out team also appreciate Microsofts generous funding of Xamarin and new-found investment in Linux, BSD and POSIX compliant server products.

This project would certainly not be possible without the insight and codebase provided by the hundreds of contributors to Tesseract for the past 32 years, and those who have funded development including HP and Google. Their works are generously licensed under the Apache permissive license ( compatible with commercial inclusion. We also thank them for the Tessdata project ( which provides useful information not only on character shapes, but also on word and bigrams, frequency. Building this codebase up for almost 100 languages represents many lifetimes of work - and we are truly thankful.

We also love and salute ImageMagick Studio LLC for their non profit contribution to server-side image and void processing - and that they have not taken the string copyleft approach of other tools in the NIX toolchain. Thanks also to dlemstra for .Net bindings licensed similarly

We also thank Anders Hejlsberg (also of Borland heritage) for his beautiful, expressive yet strict architecture and extension of ECMA which we now know as C#. It is by far our "language of choice", perhaps over English and Python. It has something for everyone, at highest and lower level programming, on multiple platforms. It was also designed with Developers and IDEs in mind, creating an ecosystem of stable Enterprise software.