Export Excel Spreadsheet

The `IronXL` library can be used to create Excel documents from XLS and XLSX formats. Using IronXL intuitive APIs to populate your workbook and save it with `SaveAs` method as **XLS, XLSX, XLSM, CSV, TSV, JSON, XML or HTML**. Exporting as in code data types such as **HTML string, Binary, Byte array, Data set, and Memory stream** is also possible with IronXL. Although `SaveAs` can be used to export CSV, JSON, XML and HTML. Exclusive methods for each of these file format is recommended: - `SaveAsCsv` - `SaveAsJson` - `SaveAsXml` - `ExportToHtml` Please note that for CSV, TSV, JSON, and XML file format, each file will be created corresponding to each sheet. The naming convention would be `fileName.sheetName.format`. In the example above the output for CSV format would be `sample.new_sheet.csv` Learn to convert between different spreadsheet file format with this [Code Example](/csharp/excel/examples/convert-excel-spreadsheet/).