IronOCR v2022.8.7516

Version 2022.8.7516 Features & Upgrades

IronOcr v2022.8.7516

Release Notes

  • Updates to Tesseract 5.1
  • Feature: Stand-alone Linux package
  • Feature: Stand-alone MacOS package
  • Feature: AVX/AVX2 support allows IronOcr to run on older Celeron, Atom and Pentium-based CPUs
  • Feature: Adds SaveAsImage/SaveAsImages for OcrInput object
  • Bug fix: Setting MinimumDpi to null now prevents IronOCR from upscaling images
  • Bug fix: PageNumber 1, 2 both returned as Page 1 in OcrResult
  • Improves compatibility across various Linux distributions

Known Issues

  • No longer supports legacy Tesseract engine
  • Currently does not support MICR language pack