IronOCR v2022.11.10109

Version 2022.11.10109 Features & Upgrades

IronOcr v2022.11.10109

Release Notes

  • Adds: API Installation.MachineLearningModelsDirectory for specifying path to .onnx files
  • Adds: Installation methods, via zip file or installer (links to be added to
  • Improves: Compatibility and deployment on many platforms
  • Fixes: Maui support (Issue with .traineddata in same relative path)
  • Fixes: Missing runtimes folder error
  • Fixes: Unable to locate libtesseract-5 errors
  • Fixes: Issue using TargetDPI = null. Correct usage is now TargetDPI = 0 to disable upscaling
  • Fixes: Many minor bugs