Using IronOCR License Keys

Get Your License Key

IronOCR license keys allow you to deploy your project live without any watermark.

Licenses start at just $749 and include one free year of support and updates.

You can also try IronOCR free with a trial license key.

Step 1: Download the Latest Version of IronOCR

C# NuGet Library for OCR

Install with NuGet

Install-Package IronOcr

Download DLL

Download DLL

Manually install into your project

Install via DLL

Download the IronOcr DLL directly to your machine.

Install via NuGet

Alternatively, you can install through NuGet .

Install-Package IronOcr

Step 2: Apply Your License Key

Set your IronOCR license key using code

Add this code to the startup of your application, before IronOCR is used.

IronOcr.License.LicenseKey = "IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01";
IronOcr.License.LicenseKey = "IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01";
IronOcr.License.LicenseKey = "IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01"
VB   C#

You can validate that your software is licensed using either IronOcr.License.IsValidLicense(string LicenseKey) or the IronOcr.License.IsLicensed property.

Set your license key using Web.Config or App.Config

To apply a key globally to your application using Web.Config or App.Config, add the following key to your config file in appSettings.

      <add key="IronOcr.LicenseKey" value="IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01"/>

Set your key using a .NET Core appsettings.json file

To apply a key globally to your application with .NET Core:

  • Add a JSON file to your project called appsettings.json in the root directory of your project
  • Add a 'IronOcr.LicenseKey' key to your JSON config file. The value should be your license key.
  • Ensure that the file properties include Copy to Output Directory: Copy always
  • Ensure that IronOcr.License.IsLicensed returns true to verify.

File: appsettings.json




Step 3: Test your key

Test if your key has been installed correctly.

bool result = IronOcr.License.IsValidLicense("IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01");
bool result = IronOcr.License.IsValidLicense("IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01");
Dim result As Boolean = IronOcr.License.IsValidLicense("IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01")
VB   C#

Step 4: Get started with your project

Follow our tutorial on how to Get Started with IronOCR.


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