Using IronOCR License Keys

Get Your License Key

IronOCR license keys allow you to deploy your project live without any watermark.

Licenses start at just $749 and include one free year of support and updates.

You can also try IronOCR free for 30 days with a trial license key.

Step 1: Download the Latest Version of IronOCR

C# ocr DLL

Download DLL

Download DLL

Manually install into your project

C# Nuget Library for ocr

Install with NuGet

Install-Package IronOcr

Install via DLL

Download the IronOcr DLL directly to your machine.

Install via NuGet

Alternatively, you can install through Nuget .

 PM > Install-Package IronOcr

Step 2: Apply Your License Key

Set your IronOCR license key using code

Add this code to the startup of your application, before IronOCR is used.

IronOcr.Installation.LicenseKey = "IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01";
IronOcr.Installation.LicenseKey = "IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01";
IronOcr.Installation.LicenseKey = "IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01"
VB   C#

You can validate that your software is licensed using either IronOcr.Installation.IsValidLicense(string LicenseKey) or the IronOcr.Installation.IsLicensed property.

Set your license key using Web.Config or App.Config

To apply a key globally to your application using Web.Config or App.Config, add the following key to your config file in appSettings.

      <add key="IronOcr.LicenseKey" value="IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01"/>

Set your key using a .NET Core appsettings.json file

To apply a key globally to your application with .NET Core:

  • Add a JSON file to your project called appsettings.json in the root directory of your project
  • Add a 'IronOcr.LicenseKey' key to your JSON config file. The value should be your license key.
  • Ensure that the file properties include Copy to Output Directory: Copy always
  • Ensure that IronOcr.Installation.IsLicensed returns true to verify.

File: appsettings.json




Step 3: Test your key

Test if your key has been installed correctly.

bool result = IronOcr.Installation.IsValidLicense("IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01");
bool result = IronOcr.Installation.IsValidLicense("IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01");
Dim result As Boolean = IronOcr.Installation.IsValidLicense("IRONOCR-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01")
VB   C#

Step 4: Get started with your project

Follow our tutorial on how to Get Started with IronOCR.


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