IronXL Software Credits

Beyond our own C# development team, there are many to thank for the success of this .NET package.

Our first tribute is to NuGet.Org for providing a package manager for C# / .NET developers, which was sorely needed. We salute you.

We also wish to give great thanks to everyone involved in the .NET Core project. Crossing the platform barrier makes our lives as developers and sysadmins easier as we can finally code once and deploy anywhere.

Another warm hand to the Visual Studio IDE development team (possibly the best IDE ever created since Borland Delphi 7). . We appreciate Microsoft's free community licenses which have made C# a new standard in academic software engineering, and the renewed support for Linux, BSD and macOS shown with .NET core and Microsoft's continued support of Xamarin.

Community Projects

This software project is a cohesive solution to the functional issues users face when working with Excel and other spreadsheet formats in C# and other .NET languages.

To achieve the best end result at a reasonable cost to developers, our team ethically joins and makes use of community code projects wherever they give the best and most stable results. Each library is licensed fairly, as described in the linked project hubs below. Each and every community project is consistent with commercial use.

There is no need to install any additional software; everything you need to run this library is included in our download & nuget packages. All code is generally compiled into our software in such a way to avoid 'DLL Hell' and make installation easy for those teams who prefer not to use NuGet package manager.

Most often, we use community software projects 'as is'. Occasionally, we might find significant improvements to any of these community projects. We are glad to share our findings, specifically when those improvements may benefit other users.

Although it may have become commonplace for software publishers to overlook the use of liberally licensed source code in commercial software, we take the stance that transparency is the best policy: We have used the following software libraries in the development of this project, either as source, binary, proof of concept or inspiration.

References and NuGet Packages