Creating Barcodes and QR in .Net can be difficult operation without a reliable C# Library for Barcodes.  Here comes Iron Barcode


2nd October 2018 by Francesca Miller

Creating Barcode Images in C#

In this tutorial, we will see how easy it is to create a barcode in C# or VB.Net using the Iron Barcode library. We will aslo style our barcode, and then export it as an image.


The first thing we need to do is install the Iron Barcode library, adding barcode functionality to the .NET framework. We can do this using our NuGet package or by downloading the .Net Barcode DLL.

 PM > Install-Package Barcode

Render a Simple Barcode

In the following example we can see that a barcode can be written containing numerical or text content using only a couple of lines of code, using Iron Barcode.

// Generate a Simple BarCode image and save as PNG
//using IronBarCode;

GeneratedBarcode MyBarCode = IronBarCode.BarcodeWriter.CreateBarcode("", BarcodeWriterEncoding.Code128);

// This line opens the image in your default image viewer
Dim MyBarCode As GeneratedBarcode = IronBarCode.BarcodeWriter.CreateBarcode("", BarcodeWriterEncoding.Code128)
' This line opens the image in your default image viewer
VB   C#

We first create the barcode by specifying its value and the barcode format we will be using from the IronBarCode.BarcodeWriterEncoding Enum. We can then choose to save as image or save as a System.Drawing.Image or Bitmap object. That's all the code it takes!

Create a barcode image in C# example

The final line of code simply opens the barcode PNG in the example so that you can see it with your own eyes.

Advanced Barcode Creation

Although the previous example was effective, in the real world we may wish to do more.

In the following example, we will see that we may add annotations to a barcode, display its value below it, add margins, change the barcode color, and then save it, all quite simply.

We can also choose to export to HTML or PDF instead of an image if that is more approriate for our appplication.

//using IronBarCode;
//using System.Drawing;

 // Styling a QR code and adding annotation text
var MyBarCode = IronBarCode.BarcodeWriter.CreateBarcode("", BarcodeWriterEncoding.QRCode);
MyBarCode.AddAnnotationTextAboveBarcode("Product URL:");

// Save as HTML
Dim MyBarCode As var = IronBarCode.BarcodeWriter.CreateBarcode("", BarcodeWriterEncoding.QRCode)
MyBarCode.AddAnnotationTextAboveBarcode("Product URL:")
' Save as HTML
VB   C#
Use C# to create an annotated and styled barcode image

The code should be self-explanatory, but if it is not, I encourage you to read the GeneratedBarcode class documentation within the Object Reference .


In our final example, we will see that we may create, style, and export a barcode in a single line of code.

Iron Barcode implements an optional Fluent API similar to System.Linq. By chaining method calls to method calls to method calls, we first create a barcode, then set its margins, then export to Bitmap in a single line.

This can be very convenient and make code easier to read.

//using IronBarCode;
//using System.Drawing;

 // Fluent API for Barcode Image generation.

string MyValue = "";
Bitmap BarcodeBmp = IronBarCode.BarcodeWriter.CreateBarcode(MyValue, BarcodeEncoding.PDF417).ResizeTo(300,200).SetMargins(100).ToBitmap();
Dim MyValue As String = ""
Dim BarcodeBmp As Bitmap = IronBarCode.BarcodeWriter.CreateBarcode(MyValue, BarcodeEncoding.PDF417).ResizeTo(300, 200).SetMargins(100).ToBitmap
VB   C#

The result is a System.Drawing.Image of a PDF417 barcode which looks like this:

Simple, Fluent barcode generation in C# using Iron BarCode

Learning More

To learn more about this code sample, you may wish to view it on GitHub, download it as a Visual Studio Project or look at the other examples within this section, including our tutorial on how to create QR codes.

Source Code Downloads in C#

The source for this "Barcode Image Generation" tutorial are available as a C# project for Visual Studio 2017:

Further Documentation

You may also find the BarcodeReader classes within the Object Reference of great value.

In addition, there are other tutorials which may shed light in other aspects of IronBarCode including QR codes and Reading Barcode Images with .Net.

A Junior .Net Developer in a growing development house in Boston, Francesca has been working with IronBarcode to build a customer's delivery and billing software application

Francesca Miller

Junior .Net Engineer

A Junior .Net Developer in a growing development house in Boston, Francesca has been working with IronBarcode to build a customer's delivery and billing software application.