Barcode not Recognized

If you are using IronBarcode and the barcode is not recognized, please try the following:

  1. Be sure to specify the barcode encoding -
  2. When possible, convert PDFs with barcodes to Image files as these are more easily read
  3. PNG/TIF files are ideal as they are uncompressed and easier to read. JPG images are compressed and are often pixelated / contain digital noise that can obstruct a proper read
  4. DPI 225 is ideal (DPI 200-250 is acceptable). Lower DPIs affect accuracy. Higher DPIs may not necessarily improve accuracy, but will increase read time.
  5. Use System.Drawing.Rectangle crop regions wherever possible -
  6. System.Drawing.Rectangle MyCropArea = new Rectangle { X = 165, Y = 225, Width = 500, Height = 200 }; // measured in pixels
  7. For difficult images please see our FAQ for Imperfect Barcodes and Image Correction

If after this you are still experiencing issues, please see here: Barcode Engineering Request