Does IronBarcode support GS1 UCC/EAN-128 Symbology?

Barcodes values are correct, and recognized correctly, though the issue is that the output image currently lacks the brackets.

With GS1-128, IronBarcode outputs: 0195012345678903310300012 (this is recognized as a Code 128 barcode with GS1 signature). However the desired value displayed on the image output would be: (01)95012345678903(3103)000123 (with brackets)

Using the following code, the brackets are shown in the IronBarcode output:

GeneratedBarcode MyBarCodeBarcodeWriter = BarcodeWriter.CreateBarcode($"{(char)0x00F1}(01)95012345678903(3103)000123", BarcodeWriterEncoding.Code128).SaveAsPng("gs1code128.png");
a6cdad0ab28aa953ad0191ac9d69f547.pngThe only caveat is the Unicode Character ñ is displayed when using the code 0x00F1, which is what indicates the bar-code format for GS1-128.

Our development team is aware of this and improvements are coming soon.