IronXL v2022.9.9454

Version 2022.9.9454 Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Fix: First created ConditionalFormattingRule wasn't working properly
  • Fix: Font color not applied by conditional formatting rule
  • Fix: Duplicate styles created when Cell.FormatString property was changed in .xlsx
  • Fix: Range.Row(int) and Range.Column(int) methods could take minutes of time to execute for large ranges

  • Adds: An enumeration IronXL.SortOrder to indicate a direction for sorting where applicable
  • Adds: Range.SortByColumn(string, SortOrder) and Range.SortByColumn(int, SortOrder) methods, that allow sorting a range by a specified column, rearranging rows of a range being sorted according to a specified column's new order
  • Removed: Dependency to IronDrawing nuget package and replaces it with IronSoftware.System.Drawing