IronBarCode v2022.10.9871

Version 2022.10.9871 Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Adds: QRCodeLogo class that allows to specification of width, height, and rounded corners
  • Adds: Support for SwissQR
  • Adds: DataMatrixWriter for customization of Data Matrix Shape (Square, or Rectangular)
  • Adds: Logger.EnableDebugging option for debugging
  • Improves: Sets ExpectMultipleBarcodes to true by default
  • Fixes: Issue with LoggingMode not applying properly
  • Fixes: Margins added to 2D Barcode
  • Fixes: Issue when creating a UPC-A Barcode with byte array
  • Updates: Using IronSoftware.System.Drawing v2022.10.9851
  • Depreciates: CreateQrCodeWithLogo and CreateQrCodeWithLogoImage are now obsolete - please use QRCodeLogo instead for Image Compatibility Improvement