Applying Software License Keys

Using Iron Barcode License Keys

If you decide to purchase a license for IronBarcode, you will instantly receive a license key as soon as your payment has cleared. This License will be displayed on the checkout screen and also be sent by email.

Setting your IronBarcode license key using code

Add this code to the startup of your application, your before IronBarcode is used.

IronBarcode.License.LicenseKey = "IRONBARCODE-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01";
IronBarcode.License.LicenseKey = "IRONBARCODE-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01"
VB   C#

Setting your IronBarcode license key using Web.Config or App.Config

To apply a key globally to your application using Web.Config or App.Config, add the following key to your config file in appSettings.

      <add key="IronBarcode.LicenseKey" value="IRONBARCODE-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01"/>

To test if your key has been installed correctly

bool result = IronBarcode.License.IsValidLicense("IRONBARCODE-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01");
Dim result As Boolean = IronBarcode.License.IsValidLicense("IRONBARCODE-MYLICENSE-KEY-1EF01")
VB   C#