Point & PointF

IronDrawing introduces two new classes: IronSoftware.Drawing.Point and IronSoftware.Drawing.PointF. These classes are used to represent an ordered pair of double-x and double-y coordinates, defining a point in a two-dimensional plane, which is useful for image processing. Similar classes are present in other image libraries such as System.Drawing, SixLabors.ImageSharp, SkiaSharp, andMicrosoft.Maui.Graphics. The difference between Point and PointF class lies in the type of value accepted as a parameter in the constructor of the Point and PointF objects.

Instantiating a new Point or PointF object is straightforward, requiring only two properties to be set: X and Y values that make up the coordinates of the point.

In the code snippet above, System.Double values are used to set the x and y properties of the Point object, while for the PointF object, System.Single values (float values) are used for the same purpose.

Both IronSoftware.Drawing.Point and IronSoftware.Drawing.PointF classes share the same functionality and methods. Using System.Double is often preferred due to its higher accuracy, accepting larger decimal point values, and representing double precision as a 64-bit floating-point type. On the other hand, System.Single is a 32-bit floating-point type, providing lower precision compared to System.Double. As a result, it is recommended to use IronSoftware.Drawing.Point rather than IronSoftware.Drawing.PointF.