Create Color

IronDrawing enables users to create their own color using various ways including Hexadecimal, RGB values, and also from Enum where the customer can choose an already available color.

Color creation

To create a color using Hexadecimal value, simply create a variable with the type Color and assign the hexadecimal value in terms of string to the variable using new Color("#191919") method. To create color using RGB values, key in the RGB values new Color(255, 255, 0) and store it inside a Color type variable.

Casting System.Drawing.Color to IronSoftware.Drawing.Color

Simply assign a System.Drawing.Color type variable with a color System.Drawing.Color.Red. Next, assign the variable to a new IronSoftware.Drawing.Color variable. ARGB values can be extracted and read from the color casted.


To get the luminance of the color casted, or any IronSoftware.Drawing.Color, simply use .GetLuminance() method on the color. Luminance is a value from 0 (black) to 100 (white) where 50 is the perceptual "middle gray".