Get Hash Code

Another method available in the Point and PointF classes in IronDrawing is the GetHashCode() method. A hash code is a numerical value that is unique and represents the identity of that specific object, or in this case, a Point. Hash codes are typically used in dictionaries, hash sets, and hash tables to facilitate object equality and hashing operations.

To obtain the hash code of a Point, simply call the GetHashCode() method on an instantiated Point or PointF object. The method returns a System.Int32 object that can be printed or stored.

In the code snippet above, a PointF object was instantiated with specified float coordinates. The GetHashCode() method is then called on the object and the result is stored in a variable. Optionally, the value can be printed to the console to view its value.

Both the GetHashCode() and Equals() methods can be used to compare the equality of two points, but the Equals() method provides direct results. The GetHashCode() method is typically used to obtain the hash code of a point, which can be further used in the program or stored in a dictionary or hash tables.