Create and Cast CropRectangle

CropRectangle is one of a very useful features provided by IronDrawing which can be used for users to crop any image file. For customer who are using rectangles from System.Drawing.Rectangle can also cast it to IronSoftware.Drawing.CropRectangle using Cast method.

Create CropRectangle

To create CropRectangle, user can instantiate a new CropRectangle and provide the X and Y coordinate, as well as the width and height measurement of the CropRectangle in pixels as is CropRectangle(10, 10, 50, 50)

Cast CropRectangle

To cast a IronSoftware.Drawing.CropRectangle from System.Drawing.Rectangle, simply assign an instantiated System.Drawing.Rectangle to a variable of type IronSoftware.Drawing.CropRectangle.