IronDrawing Features


Generating AnyBitmap

Code Example

  • Generate AnyBitmap from multiple source such as:
    • File path
    • Bytes
    • Memory stream
    • URI
    • SVG

Bitmap to Stream

Code Example

  • Converting image files from file directory to a memory stream
  • Get stream of an AnyBitmap file

Bitmap to String

Code Example

  • Converting image file into string

Casting to AnyBitmap

Code Example

  • Files from other platforms can be casted to AnyBitmap. Platforms supported are as follows:
    • System.Drawing.Bitmap
    • System.Drawing.Image
    • SkiaSharp.SKBitmap
    • SkiaSharp.SKImage
    • SixLabors.ImageSharp
    • MAUI Image

Export AnyBitmap

Code Example

  • Export AnyBitmap to other file formats with ability to control loss. Image format supported:
    • bmp
    • gif
    • png
    • jpeg
    • tiff
    • webp
    • wbmp
    • wmf
    • Icon

Read Bytes from AnyBitmap

Code Example

  • Read bytes fed to IronDrawing and export to image file.

AnyBitmap Cloning

Code Example

  • Generate and save exact copy of AnyBitmap without modifying original AnyBitmap
  • Generate and save a copy of certain parts of an AnyBitmap without modifying original AnyBitmap

Create Multipage TIFF and GIFF image

Code Example

  • Generate and save a multipage TIFF and GIF file from frames with different dimensions

Get Frame from AnyBitmap

Code Example

  • Capture and save all or specific frame of AnyBitmap such as multipage GIF or TIF file.

Get Number of Frames in AnyBitmap

Code Example

  • Capture number of frames from AnyBitmap file such as multipage GIF or TIF file.


A universally-compatible Color class.

Create Color

Code Example

  • Create color from:
    • Hexadecimal value
    • ARGB value
    • Colors available
  • Color casting
    • Cast color from System.Drawing.Color to IronSoftware.Drawing.Color and other platforms.

Convert Color

Code Example

  • Convert color to 32-bit ARGB value

Get Color Depth

Code Example

  • Analyze quality of an image by looking at the color depth of the image fed into IronDrawing.


A universally compatible Rectangle class.

Rectangle & RectangleF

Code Example

  • Instantiate IronSoftware.Drawing.Rectangle and IronSoftware.Drawing.RectangleF

Create and cast Rectangle

Code Example

  • Create an IronSoftware.Drawing.Rectangle
  • Cast a System.Drawing.Rectangle to IronSoftware.Drawing.Rectangle.

Convert Rectangle Measurement

Code Example

  • Convert Rectangle measurement from pixels(px) to millimeter(mm) or vice versa.


A universally compatible Font class.

Create and Cast Fonts

Code Example

  • Create IronDrawing fonts with options to choose and control font family, font style, and font size.
  • Casting a System.Drawing.Font to IronSoftware.Drawing.Font and other platforms.