Get Frame From AnyBitmap

This feature enable users to get or capture frames from a multipage GIF file or TIFF file and save it locally into any image format. Saved frames can be further manipulated in IronDrawing or other Iron Software tools as users wish.

To use this feature, users must first convert the GIF or TIFF file into AnyBitmap type by loading it from a file path using AnyBitmap.FromFile(@"FILE_PATH) method. If users wanted to save individual frame and know the index number of the frame, .GetAllFrames.ElementAt(n).SaveAs("FILE_NAME") method can be used. To get the first and last frame, simply use .First() and .Last() methods accordingly. If users wish to save all frames and save it according to the frame number, users can use for loops on the frames saved in List and use frames[i].SaveAs("frame " + i + ".jpg").