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A machine-readable graphic representation of data is a barcode. Initially, data was expressed using barcodes by varying the lengths and spacings of parallel lines. These linear or one-dimensional (1D) barcodes can be read by several kinds of specialised optical scanners called barcode readers. Later, two-dimensional (2D) variants that don't employ bars but instead use rectangles, dots, hexagons, and other patterns were created and given the name "matrix codes." 2D barcodes/Vcard QR Code templates can be scanned using specially designed, multi-configuration 2D optical scanners or QR Code scanner. When software that scans 2D barcodes/custom QR codes is running on a digital camera connected to a computer or mobile devices, the barcode can be photographed while being broken down and decoded using the picture. A mobile device with an integrated camera, such as a smartphone, can function as the latter type of 2D barcode scanner by using specialised QR Code generator pro software.

In this article, we will see top 5 Barcode/QR code generator software.

  • Beaconstac
  • Visualead
  • QRCode Monkey
  • QR Code Generator
  • Scanova


Beaconstac's QR Code generator is one of the most advanced, user-friendly and enterprise-ready QR Code software solutions available. This application can make static QR codes and dynamic QR codes valid with ease. It stands out for having a very user-friendly interface from which, with the help of the dashboard's seamless interaction with Google Analytics, we can assess the effectiveness of our generated QR codes and, if required, adjust our campaigns. With our company's logo and a color scheme that fits our brand, we can also build custom and bulk QR codes.

As we create, manage, and customize our QR codes, Beaconstac offers enterprise-level SSO, GDPR compliance, and SOC2 Type 1 & Type 2 certification to guarantee the highest degree of data protection.

Before making a final choice, you can sign up for a free trial to explore the vast features of the site.

QR Code Generator Software (Free & Online Tools): Figure 1 - Beaconstac

Some of its top qualities are:

  • Enterprise-level SSO GDPR compliance, a very user-friendly interface, and SOC2 Type 1 and Type 2 certification
  • Seamless Google Analytics integration
  • Quickly create both static and dynamic QR codes


If we consider what it has to offer and the outcomes that are attainable, this is another one of the best QR Code software for creating trackable QR codes. Create branded, imaginative, and powerful QR codes with Visualead to get 50–400% more scans, mobile-optimized information, twice as many leads, and more social engagements.

With features like graphic QR codes to generate appealing and captivating codes, all of our demands for creating QR codes are met in one place. Practically any function can be incorporated into QR codes, including redirects to multiple URLs, vCards, Facebook, coupons, file download or text codes, among others.

In less than a minute, we can develop and publish mobile landing pages, track the number of scans using scan statistics our code receives to better understand our audience, manage our codes in our own dashboard, and more.

With this application, we can create over 20 different types of QR codes, and it features an analytics feature that lets us see just how many times our code has been scanned.

QR Code Generator Software (Free & Online Tools): Figure 2 - Visualead- QR Code Maker

QRCode Monkey

With millions of users having already generated codes with this application, it's a fantastic and one of the most well-known QR code generators. Unlimited scans, high-resolution QR codes, strong designs, QR codes with logos, personalized designs, and colors are just a few of its advantages. It is also free to use in commercial settings and comes in QR code vector formats (SVG).

All created codes created with QRCode Monkey are completely free to use for whatever we wish, including commercial endeavors.

Do you nee the QR Code to be printed on a sizable building billboard? No problem! You can print the code in vector formats like SVG.

QRCode Monkey can also print barcodes in PDF or EPS file, but doing so will simply print using standard layouts without any design features or logos.

This app's only drawback is that we can only generate static QR codes. That implies that after we publish them, we are unable to modify their content.

Learn more about QRCode Monkey from its product website.

QR Code Generator Software (Free & Online Tools): Figure 3 - QRCode Monkey to manage QR codes

QR Code Generator

We can rely on this dynamic QR code generator software to increase the success of our QR code campaigns with the highest possible scan rate. It is supported by years of experience in QR code generation, with over 20,000 clients in over 160 countries worldwide.

One can create a variety of codes using the free version of the program, including vCards, email QR codes, text QR codes, and many others. When utilizing the subscription version, the premium features provide even more functionality and tools, such as the option to choose among QR code functionalities like showing PDFs or encoding several URLs in one code.

We can also alter code designs, create dynamic codes with variable content, track scans, display analytics with reports, download high-resolution files, and get tech help via phone or email. Other bonuses include how-to tutorials, short URLs that may be customized, and white-label alternatives that are useful for agencies.

A number of customizations are possible, including showing a Facebook "Like" button or encoding pricing listings in PDF. Customers will be delighted and surprised by these, encouraging them to scan the codes more frequently. Even better, we can add our brand using pre-made templates or change the colors and shapes of the codes. Additionally, we receive a customizable option for account sharing with teams that lets us invite other staff members.

Click here to visit the site.

QR Code Generator Software (Free & Online Tools): Figure 4 - QR Code Generator- QR Code makers


We may better engage our clients and generate immediate, trackable internet traffic from print media using Scanova QR Code generator software. Additionally, we can launch whole QR Code campaigns that we can design, manage QR Code's performance, and track different QR codes in a matter of minutes.

This software's advantages include generating dynamic and best QR code generators, 23 different types of QR codes, visually appealing codes to encourage more scans, and the ability to check scan counts by date or region. Additionally, it offers vector export in high-resolution formats for printing and editing as well as pre-made/finished code landing pages we may use for campaigns.

Remember that we can also include enterprise features like white labeling, bulk creation, campaign management, and multi-user access. Additionally, we can include QR code generation using the API into our own information system or mobile application. It's also noteworthy to know that we can construct a unique landing page specifically for our QR code.

The page functions as a miniature website that we may personalize with text, graphics, buttons, and customized HTML exactly like a real website. We can choose between three membership plans and make monthly or yearly payments; the latter is always better. Visit site here.

QR Code Generator Software (Free & Online Tools): Figure 5 - Scanova


Using IronBarcode, programmers can read and create barcodes/QR codes using any file format. IronBarcode only requires one line of code to scan or generate QR codes.

IronBarcode can read and write most barcode and QR standards. Code 39/93/128, UPC A/E, EAN 8/13, ITF, RSS 14/Expanded, CodaBar, MaxiCode, PDF417, MSI, USPS, and QR are a few of the more well-known ones.

Additionally, type, text, binary data, page, and image files are included in the barcode outcome data. The following is a summary of IronBarcode's API features:

  • The majority of barcode kinds and QR standards, such as UPC A/E, EAN 8/13, Code 39/93/128, ITF, MSI, RSS 14/Expanded, Databar, and CodaB, are read and written by IronBarcode.
  • Aztec, PDF417, PDF417 Styled and QR. The findings' barcode data, type, page, text, and barcode image are ideal for indexing or archiving systems.
  • To improve reading efficiency and precision, IronBarcode preprocesses barcode images instantly. The precision and speed of reading are enhanced by image pre-processing. It can detect scans or live video frames and correct rotation, noise distortion, and skewing. Batch processing server programmes have access to multiple cores and processes. Find one or more barcodes automatically in single and multi-page texts. Without having to use difficult APIs, we can search for particular barcode types or document locations.
  • When used with .NET projects, it gets up and runs fast with just a few lines of code. It has no dependencies, supports 32 and 64-bit architectures, and can be used with any .NET/Core language because it was created as a unique DLL for the .NET Framework. It supports Console, Desktop, cloud, and web apps on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • For a variety of file and stream types, such as PDF, JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, and HTML, you can create barcodes and QR codes. Our works can also be saved and printed in file or stream forms. The text's rotation, height, color, and quality can all be altered.

Visit the website to learn more information.

1. Creating a New Project

Open Visual Studio, choose "New project" from the File menu, then "Console App," "Windows Forms," or "WPF Application." Barcodes can be applied to all different kinds of uses. We may also use applications like Webform, MVC, and MVC Core.

QR Code Generator Software (Free & Online Tools): Figure 6 - New project

In the relevant text field, type the project name and choose the file path. Next, pick the necessary .NET Framework by clicking the Create button.

QR Code Generator Software (Free & Online Tools): Figure 7 - Framework

The project will now create the structure for the chosen application, and if we chose a Console Application, it will open the Program.cs file so we can input the code and build/run the program.

QR Code Generator Software (Free & Online Tools): Figure 8 - Program.cs

2. Download the Barcode Library

There are four methods to download and install the IronBarcode library.

These are:

  • Using the NuGet Package Manager UI
  • Using the NuGet Package Manager Console
  • Downloading from the NuGet website
  • Downloading from the IronBarcode website directly

Using the NuGet Package Manager UI

The NuGet Package Manager is made available by the Visual Studio programme.

QR Code Generator Software (Free & Online Tools): Figure 9 - NuGet Package Manager

To display a catalogue of the packages from the NuGet website, a search box is provided. We must perform a phrase search for "Barcode" in the package manager, as shown in the following screenshot

QR Code Generator Software (Free & Online Tools): Figure 10 - IronBarcode

To install the package for the solution, we must choose the necessary choice.

Using the NuGet Package Manager Console

From within Visual Studio, navigate to Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Console.

Add the next sentence to the console tab:

Install-Package BarCode

The package is now prepared for use after downloading and installing in the present project.

Downloading from the NuGet Website

The third way is to download the package directly from the website.

  • Go to the website's URL.
  • The download package choice can be found in the menu on the right.
  • Click the saved file twice. It will immediately install.
  • Reload the Solution.

Downloading from the IronBarcode website

Download the most recent package straight from the website, and extract its contents. Afterwards, add the extracted DLL to your project solution as an External reference.

Create Barcode Using IronBarcode

IronBarcode can save generated barcodes in many different image types. The code for generating barcodes is provided below:

var MyBarCode = BarcodeWriter.CreateBarcode("123",BarcodeEncoding.Code128)
var MyBarCode = BarcodeWriter.CreateBarcode("123",BarcodeEncoding.Code128)
Dim MyBarCode = BarcodeWriter.CreateBarcode("123",BarcodeEncoding.Code128) MyBarCode.AddAnnotationTextBelowBarcode("123")
VB   C#

The IronBarcode namespace has a class named BarcodeWriter. There is also a static method called CreateBarcode. Two string values that represent the barcode types must be sent as parameters to the CreateBarcode function. Using the CreateBarcode function, we may optionally specify dimensions (width and height) for the barcode.

CreateBarcode returns a Barcode object, which allows us to specify additional properties for our new barcode. One of these properties is AddAnnotationTextBelowBarcode, which enables us to add text below or above the barcode labels. Barcode text can also be hidden if necessary.

IronBarcode can export generated barcodes in HTML format as well as in a number of image formats.

var QRWithLogo = QRCodeWriter.CreateQrCodeWithLogo("Hello World", "logo.png",500);
var QRWithLogo = QRCodeWriter.CreateQrCodeWithLogo("Hello World", "logo.png",500);
Dim QRWithLogo = QRCodeWriter.CreateQrCodeWithLogo("Hello World", "logo.png",500)
VB   C#

The code sample above shows how we can create a barcode using the image inside a QR code. The function called CreateQrCodeWithLogo gives us the ability to carry out this action. Additionally, we are utilising the function ChangeBarCodeColor, which enables us to alter the barcode or QR code's color.

Read Barcodes Using IronBarcode

IronBarcode also helps to scan QR codes. It can be defined in three distinct ways: as a string, as a stream, or as an image such as a JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, etc. IronBarcode aids in QR Code scanning, being able to read barcodes from various image formats.

The string method is used in the example that follows to read a barcode from an image.

BarcodeResult QRResult = BarcodeReader.QuicklyReadOneBarcode ("BarCode.jpg");
if (QRResult != null)
BarcodeResult QRResult = BarcodeReader.QuicklyReadOneBarcode ("BarCode.jpg");
if (QRResult != null)
Dim QRResult As BarcodeResult = BarcodeReader.QuicklyReadOneBarcode("BarCode.jpg")
If QRResult IsNot Nothing Then
End If
VB   C#

The information above explains that we are using a class called BarcodeReader that has many features. QuicklyReadOneBarcode is one of the features that enables us to read barcodes from picture formats. Our ability to transform them into BarcodeResult object also helps. The object helps us to determine the type of barcode we are reading from the image as well as its value.

The BarcodeResult have the following values BarcodeType, Value, Text and Binary value. BarcodeType, an enum data type, returns the type of the barcode in the supplied input image. There are a total of 22 barcode formats that IronBarcode supports. The returned value will be the kind of barcode that was applied to the supplied input image.

Value and text are additional object type values that are provided in the BarcodeResult. Data types for strings include value and text. These provide back the string value of the barcode. QuicklyReadOneBarcode reads a barcode or QR code and transforms the image's string value into a value or text. The binary value, which returns the image's byte, is of the byte data type. The short-answer code is displayed below and can be put into any .NET standard or Windows Form.

To know more about the IronBarcode, read this tutorial.


Most of the barcode products described in this article help us to generate barcode at a low cost. We need to renew the subscription with limited period. They have the limitation that we are able to generate only a limited number of QR codes at a period of time. Also, they require an active Internet connection.

On the other hand, one of the most effective libraries for creating and identifying barcodes is IronBarcode. It is among the quickest libraries for creating and reading barcodes. Different operating systems are compatible with the library. It is simple to develop and supports a wide range of barcode formats. With the help of IronBarcode libarary, we can create a custom QR Code software. We can alter the color, line width, height, barcode text, and more. It has unlimited license, once we purchase we can use in any number of applications. QR codes can be generated without any active internet connection. It also provides great customer support. You may find the licensing information for IronBarcode here.