Best Barcode Scanner App For Android (Free Tools)

Updated December 24, 2023

In a world dominated by technology, the use of barcode scanner apps has become increasingly essential for various tasks, ranging from inventory management to price comparison and beyond. Android users are fortunate to have a plethora of barcode scanner apps at their disposal, each offering unique features and functionalities. In this article, we will explore some of the best barcode scanner apps for Android, highlighting their key features and how they can streamline everyday tasks.

Google Lens

Google Lens is a powerful visual search tool developed by Google. It uses image recognition and machine learning to analyze and understand the content within images or photos. Google Lens can scan barcodes on products, packaging, or printed materials. When you point your camera at a barcode, Google Lens identifies the product and provides relevant information such as pricing, reviews, and availability. It’s a convenient way to quickly access details about a product without manually typing in the barcode numbers. Scanning QR codes and barcodes becomes very easy with Google Lens.

Best Barcode Scanner App For Android (Free Tools): Figure 1 - Google Lens app for scanning barcodes

Barcode scanner - Price Finder

Barcode Scanner - Price Finder, developed by Essential Labs, is a handy app for scanning barcodes and QR codes. It helps you find the best prices for products by checking major online stores instantly. Besides scanning items in a store, it can also read coupon codes, book ISBNs, URLs, Wi-Fi access codes, and signs in parks. The app gives detailed information about products, keeps a history of scans, and lets you share codes via text or email. You can make it even better with premium features like creating QR codes and removing ads through in-app purchases. Overall, it's a straightforward and useful tool for everyday scanning needs.

Best Barcode Scanner App For Android (Free Tools): Figure 2 - Barcode Scanner - Price Finder

QR Code & Barcode scanner by Gamma Play

QR & Barcode Scanner, developed by Gamma Play, stands out as the best barcode scanning app for Android users with its dual functionality as a QR code reader and barcode scanner. The app automatically scans barcodes and QR codes when you point your device's camera without the need for any additional actions. It allows users to scan multiple QR codes. Not only does it excel in scanning, but the app also serves as a QR code generator, allowing users to create QR codes effortlessly. With features like flashlight support, zoom functionality, and a convenient batch scan mode, QR & Barcode Scanner ensures a seamless and versatile barcode scanning experience, making it an essential tool for everyday use.

Best Barcode Scanner App For Android (Free Tools): Figure 3 - Barcode Scanner - Gamma Play

QR & Barcode Reader by TeaCapps

QR & Barcode Reader, developed by TeaCapps, is a versatile and free Barcode and QR code reader app that seamlessly combines the functions of both a QR code and barcode scanner for Android devices. It excels in scanning various QR and barcode formats, including QR codes, Data Matrix, Aztec, UPC, EAN, and Code 39, offering additional information sourced from popular online services like Amazon and eBay. The app ensures security through safe browsing and faster loading times, requiring minimal permissions for image scanning and contact sharing. With camera features like flashlight and zoom, users can effortlessly scan in various environments. Notably, QR & Barcode Reader allows users to create and share QR codes for different purposes, and its custom search options enhance the overall scanning experience. With the ability to export scan history and add annotations for inventory management, this app proves to be a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for barcode scanning on Android devices.

Best Barcode Scanner App For Android (Free Tools): Figure 4 - QR & Barcode Reader by TeaCapps

QR Code & Barcode Scanner By QR Easy

QR code & barcode scanner developed is a free barcode scanner by QR Easy that brings simplicity and efficiency to everyday tasks. Just open the app, point your phone at a QR code or barcode, and it will instantly scan QR codes and Barcodes. It covers various code types, including QR codes with text or URLs and product barcodes like UPC and EAN. The app goes the extra mile by providing additional details from popular services like Amazon and eBay. You can create your own QR codes, keep track of your scans, and easily share them. With features like flashlight support for scanning in low light, QR Easy prioritizes user privacy by collecting minimal data and not sharing it with third parties. Whether you're shopping or accessing information, QR Easy streamlines the process, making it a handy tool for everyone.

Best Barcode Scanner App For Android (Free Tools): Figure 5 - QR Code & Barcode Scanner by QR Easy

We can develop our own barcode scanner app by using the IronBarcode library in C# or .NET Framework.

Introducing IronBarcode

IronBarcode is a powerful tool for working with barcodes and QR codes in C# and .NET applications. It is developed by Iron Software and is known for its accuracy, ease of use, and speed. Creating a barcode is simple, requiring just a few lines of code, and you can customize and resize it easily. Reading barcodes is also straightforward, supporting various sources like files and images. IronBarcode offers customization options for developers and supports a wide range of barcode formats, including QR codes with logos and conventional numerical barcodes.

Installing IronBarcode

To install the IronBarcode library using the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Open Visual Studio and your project.
  2. Go to the "View" menu and select "Other Windows," then choose "Package Manager Console."
  3. To install the IronBarcode library, use the following command:
Install-Package BarCode

The Package Manager Console will download and install the IronBarcode library along with its dependencies. You'll see progress information in the console. You can start using its features for barcode reading and generating in your C# or .NET application.

Write code to Read Barcode

We will scan the following barcode.

Best Barcode Scanner App For Android (Free Tools): Figure 6 - Input barcode image for scanning using IronBarcode

The following code will read the Barcode from the given image and read the barcode value.

var barcodeResults = BarcodeReader.Read("barcode.jpeg");
 foreach (var barcodeData in barcodeResults)
var barcodeResults = BarcodeReader.Read("barcode.jpeg");
 foreach (var barcodeData in barcodeResults)
Dim barcodeResults = BarcodeReader.Read("barcode.jpeg")
 For Each barcodeData In barcodeResults
 Next barcodeData
VB   C#

In the above C# code, a barcode image, "barcode.jpeg," is read using the BarcodeReader.Read() method from the IronBarcode library. The results are stored in the variable barcodeResults, and then, in a foreach loop, each barcode's data is iterated over and printed to the console using Console.WriteLine(). This code efficiently retrieves and displays the data contained in barcodes, allowing developers to integrate barcode reading functionality into their applications easily.

Best Barcode Scanner App For Android (Free Tools): Figure 7 - OUTPUT: Barcode value scanned from the barcode.jpeg image using IronBarcode.

In this way, we can develop our own Barcode and QR code scanner app. IronBarcode also provides methods to create custom QR codes.


In summary, the Android ecosystem offers a diverse range of efficient barcode scanner apps, each with its unique strengths. Google Lens simplifies visual searches, while Essential Labs' Barcode Scanner - Price Finder focuses on price comparison. Gamma Play's QR and barcode Scanner stands out for its dual functionality and additional features. TeaCapps' QR & Barcode Reader prioritizes security and versatility, and QR Easy's app streamlines everyday tasks.

For developers, IronBarcode proves to be a robust tool for C# and .NET projects. This array of options ensures Android users have reliable solutions tailored to their specific needs. As the forefront solution for QR code and barcode operations in .NET projects, IronBarcode offers a developer-friendly API for effortless integration, whether the task involves reading, writing, or styling these codes.

With a free trial tailored for various project scopes, users benefit from features such as a 30-day money-back guarantee and perpetual licenses. Additionally, users can opt for extra features like redistribution coverage and support renewals, enhancing the flexibility and utility of IronBarcode for diverse development needs.

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