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The IronWebScraper C# Web Scraping Development Team

IronWebScraper was developed by a team of developers aiming to bring enterprise grade web scraping. technology to the Microsoft® .Net code Framework

The IronWebScraper (C# Web Scraping) Development Team

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The IronWebScraper Development team consists of 8 C# developers based in Wyoming, USA.

Our Purpose is to bring the web scraping technology ordinarily used for scraping the web, to developers for scraping their website content in a polite and meaningful way.


Web Scraping in a technique which uses algorithms to crawl and scrape structured data from web documents across websites and intranet systems.

Often this technique is used by others for scraping content in less than desirably ways. However, IronWebScraper is designed to collect content in a polite and professional manner.

This Release

IronWebScaper is IronWebScraper (C# Web Scraping) Development Team's first release.

This release of IronWebScraper provides the foundations for developers to scrape their content from legacy websites.

The project can be downloaded as a dll or installed using the Nuget Package Manager for 1 minute installation into existing windows/.net software projects and web applications.

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