Iron Software Launches Slack Channel

Updated September 18, 2022

We are introducing an Iron Software Slack Channel to help our community keep in touch, exchange ideas and make the most of products they already own.

We have put together a helpful guide below on how you can use this channel, and what you can expect from us.

Please note - This is a supplementary, public support channel. For confidential/one-to-one support you can still join us on web chat. We will have Iron Software team member’s checking in here regularly.

This will be a place where everyone can feel welcome. By joining, you agree to follow some simple guidelines to maintain a safe, helpful and friendly community for everyone. We’ve put these together here.

What you can expect from us:

  1. Our team members will answer your questions or comments within 24 hours
  2. We’ll share opportunities where you can ‘upvote’ on new features
  3. There will be product-specific channels to amplify your voice and help you manage questions and find helpful resources
  4. We will be posting product updates regularly
  5. We’ll share [free] educational resources here
  6. We’ll do our best to monitor the channel for any unsafe or inappropriate behavior, but you can also report it here.
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