Iron Software’s Commitment to the Environment

Updated August 10, 2022

At the beginning of 2022 we reaffirmed our commitment to the environment by donating to #TeamSeas.

We consulted our community - both customers and staff - and they agreed this was something they could all get behind.

With funds raised supporting cleaning up our oceans and waterways, we’re grateful to play a small role in improving the state of the world.

Zainab Kemsley, Operations Director, says, “There are 3 million tons of metric waste in our oceans that have now been removed from our beaches, rivers and waterways!”

The donations we made were not one-off amounts, “we’re letting our customers drive this. Currently $50 from every suite sale go towards that ongoing donation.”

In addition to donating, Iron Software are facilitating cleanups within our communities around the world.

Marion Flamenco, Iron Software Customer Support Team Member

Caption: February, 2022: Marion Flamenco, Iron Software Customer Support Team Member, and her family releasing baby turtles in Ecuador.

Supporting Cleanups Around the World

Zainab Kemsley, Iron Software Team Member

Caption: July, 2022: Zainab Kemsley, Iron Software Team Member, and her family cleaning up the beaches in Thailand.

“We’re not only giving money, we’re demonstrating our commitment by facilitating and joining cleanups,” says Zainab who took her family on a beach cleanup during a recent remote working trip.

“This is about living our values. When our team says we’re doing something, we do it. Engineers are natural problem solvers. This is a huge problem. That’s why we’re coming at this from multiple angles.”

World Conservation Day 2022

World Conversation Day (July 28, 2022), is a good reminder to make choices that give us a healthier future. Some ways you can support the environment -

🌱 Engage with businesses making ethical decisions. Look at the way they demonstrate their commitment through actions rather than words. For example, if they use eco-friendly packaging.

🌱 Volunteer in your local community. We know volunteering isn’t an option for everyone, but if you are in a position that you can contribute in some way, it’s a great option. Our own team have found it incredibly rewarding.

🌱 Donate to causes you value. Cleaning up our oceans is one important way you can improve the world.

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