Iron Software's Continued Support for TeamSeas

Updated December 24, 2023

Iron Software is proud to continue its support for TeamSeas, an initiative focused on cleaning up our oceans. Since January 2022, we have been actively involved in this campaign, which has gained attention for its effective actions in removing trash from oceans and waterways worldwide.

In our latest contribution, Iron Software has in total donated $39,280 to TeamSeas. This donation was made possible through our commitment to donate $50 from every sale of our Iron Suite. We are thankful to our customers, as their purchases have been crucial in supporting this initiative.

TeamSeas, co-founded by YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober, has made notable progress in its mission. As reported by Essentially Sports, the campaign has already led to significant environmental improvements in several countries, despite being only halfway through its planned duration. For more insights into TeamSeas' achievements, you can read the full article here.

Last year we celebrated #TeamSeas milestones by volunteering for beach clean ups in Thailand; and releasing baby turtles in El Salvador. Our offices worldwide support cleaner oceans.

Our support for TeamSeas aligns with Iron Software's commitment to environmental sustainability. By contributing to such causes, we aim to use our platform to make a positive difference. It's a part of our broader effort to engage in responsible practices that benefit both our community and the planet.

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